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The Power Of Medical Evidence: Strengthening Your Car Accident Case

The Power Of Medical Evidence: Strengthening Your Car Accident Case

A car accident can result in significant economic and non-economic losses. If you’ve recently been injured in a crash, you may be entitled to damages for your harm and losses. But you must prove them both to recover compensation. To achieve that aim, you’ll need evidence.

Medical records are among the most crucial pieces of evidence used to support car accident claims. These include any medical documentation or testimony establishing the extent of an accident victim’s injuries and their treatment.

Medical Evidence Can Help Prove The Damages You Claim

Your medical reports, diagnostic tests and expert opinions can objectively evaluate and assess your injuries. They are unbiased reports based on facts, which makes them crucial when proving damages.

For instance, you can claim lost wages for the period you will not be expected to work because of your injuries. In other cases, your injuries may affect your future earning capabilities. It can be easier to prove your case with medical evidence, such as X-rays showing broken bones, fractures, etc.

You can also refute allegations of pre-existing injuries by providing medical evidence. Remember, you cannot recover compensation for injuries that you sustained before the crash, although you can potentially recover for a worsening of your condition caused by the accident. When an insurer claims that the crash did not cause/aggravate your injuries, you can present your doctor’s report to the contrary.

Medical evidence can also come in handy when calculating your non-economic damages, such as the pain and suffering you endured and how your injury will likely affect your quality of life moving forward. A medical report on your overall well-being, including the psychological effects of the crash, can help determine the extent of these damages.

Seek The Necessary Help To Protect Your Car Accident Claim

Visiting the hospital immediately after an accident is crucial, even if you do not immediately perceive that you have been harmed. You may have suffered internal injuries, which can be particularly consequential. Besides being a life-saving decision, seeking medical attention can also potentially strengthen your legal position.