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Three Things Everyone Should Know About Car Crashes Involving Motorcycles

Three Things Everyone Should Know About Car Crashes Involving Motorcycles

Car crashes involving motorcyclists are some of the worst that can happen. Motorcyclists are at a greater risk of being hurt or killed in these crashes, so crash scenes are often traumatic and devastating.

There are several things that all drivers should be aware of regarding motorcycle collisions. Here are three facts that you should know.

Motorcyclists are at a greater risk of being injured than passenger vehicle occupants

According to recent statistics, motorcyclists are approximately 29 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than those inside passenger vehicles. Additionally, around 45% of motorcycle crashes cause more than a minor injury to victims, largely due to the lack of physical protection that motorcyclists and their passengers have against the impact.

Around 67% of crashes with passenger vehicles happen due to right-of-way violations

Another fact is that many of the crashes that involve motorcyclists and passenger vehicles are a direct result of drivers who made improper turns in front of motorcyclists. For example, many crashes are caused by drivers who pull into the pathway of bikers heading straight. In most cases, drivers state that they simply did not see the motorcyclist or misinterpreted how quickly they were traveling.

The majority of motorcycle crashes happen at intersections

Around 40% of crashes involving motorcyclists happen at intersections. This is why it’s so important for people who are approaching intersections to slow down and look both ways. If you cannot see the intersection clearly or believe someone is about to violate a traffic rule, slow down or stop rather than enter a dangerous situation.

It’s Possible To Take Preventative Measures And Avoid Motorcycle Versus Car Crashes

These three facts show why motorcyclists are at such an increased risk of crashes with passenger vehicles. Drivers can take steps to keep motorcyclists safe by slowing down, double-checking that there are no motorcyclists approaching before making turns or pulling out into the roadway and being aware of their surroundings. Taking just a few seconds to observe what’s going on around you could help you avoid a crash, whether you’re a motorcyclist or passenger vehicle driver.