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Understanding Mandatory Insurance And Uninsured Driver Risk

Understanding Mandatory Insurance And Uninsured Driver Risk

Car crashes are a leading cause of death and injury in the United States. It only takes a few moments for a routine trip to the grocery store or your daily commute to work to turn into a life-altering experience.

If you are the one who makes a mistake and causes a crash, you could have substantial financial liability for the consequences of the collision. If you don’t have adequate resources to cover those costs, the victim of the crash would be the one left bearing the financial burden of someone else’s mistake. As such, the state of Alabama requires mandatory liability insurance on personal motor vehicles.

That insurance protects you in the event that someone else causes a crash that hurts you or damages your property. Unfortunately, there are drivers without insurance, and many drivers who do have insurance carry the lowest amount they can legally purchase in Alabama.

How Much Insurance Does Alabama Mandate For Drivers?

Drivers can purchase as much liability coverage as they feel like they need. However, there are minimal levels required under state law for those with a vehicle registered in Alabama. All drivers must have at least $25,000 worth of property damage coverage that can offset their costs if they destroy someone’s private property.

Additionally, drivers have to carry personal injury coverage in case they cause injury or death to other people. In a crash with one injured party, the minimum coverage amount is $25,000. For crashes where two or more victims suffer injury or death, the minimum coverage amount is $50,000.

What Happens When A Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance Or Doesn’t Have Enough?

Drivers who have allowed their policy to lapse either due to oversight or an intentional attempt to save money are called uninsured drivers, while those who cause more damage than their policy will cover are underinsured drivers.

You have the right to purchase protection against underinsured and uninsured drivers. Reviewing your policy can help you determine whether or not you have this critical protection. If you do not and you have been in a crash caused by another driver without insurance, you may need to look into a personal injury lawsuit against that driver in order to recover your financial losses.