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Watch Out For Trucks Performing These Risky Maneuvers

Watch Out For Trucks Performing These Risky Maneuvers

When you’re on the highway, you’re inevitably going to find yourself around large trucks. Commercial driving is a major industry, and semis and commercial vehicles will be present.

As someone in a smaller vehicle, it is important that you understand how to drive around trucks safely. That includes learning how to spot an unsafe, reckless driver.

Commercial Drivers Can Take Chances They Shouldn’t

Knowing that they’re driving vehicles that are large and dangerous, commercial drivers should be extra cautious on the roads. Unfortunately, they often are not. Drivers may speed to reach their destination within an expected delivery time. They may rush other drivers, or stay behind the wheel when they’re distracted or drowsy, which puts everyone at risk.

What Can You Do To Prevent A Crash With A Commercial Vehicle?

If you want to keep yourself safer, look for signs that the driver is distracted, rushing, being reckless or is impaired or tired. Some common signs you’ll see include:

  • Noticing the truck going in and out of the lane/over the rumble strips
  • Seeing the truck speed up or slow down at unusual times
  • Awkward braking, such as braking suddenly for no reason
  • Speeding or even just driving too fast for the current road conditions
  • Seeing the driver looking down, reading or being otherwise distracted

If you see these behaviors or actions, it’s a good idea to slow down or speed up to get around the truck and to get out of its way. If the truck driver is driving recklessly or dangerously, you can also call the police or 911 to report it. That way, the authorities can check on the driver to be sure there isn’t a problem.

If you’re involved in a wreck with such a driver, you have every right to ask for compensation for your injuries and losses. An experienced attorney can help you learn more.