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What Are The Most Typical Types Of Injuries Suffered In A Car Accident?

What Are The Most Typical Types Of Injuries Suffered In A Car Accident?

There is no way around it, car accidents happen to someone every single day. Not only that, it is well documented that over three million people are injured in an automobile accident every year. There can be no end to the variables that make each accident unique from each other, from the type of vehicle to the location and time of the event to how many people were involved. Despite these differences, there are some common traits that many of these accidents share, however, and surprisingly the majority of incidents fall under the same common types of injuries.


Sudden forward movement of the head and neck after being struck by a car is called “whiplash” and it is the most common injury suffered in motor vehicle accidents. This soft tissue injury can cause significant ligament damage as well as damage the muscles in your neck. General pain and swelling can be expected depending on the severity of your accident.

Impact Injuries

Any injury that is sustained by a person’s body part hitting the inside of the vehicle is described as an impact injury. This can involve one’s head hitting the dashboard or their leg hitting the side of the door or window. Head injuries can be extremely serious as injuries to your brain can range from a mild concussion to even a coma. A fractured skull, loss of hearing and vision are all possible symptoms of a significant impact injury that may require long-term treatment.

Chest injuries are an impact injury that when suffered can include bruises, broken ribs and/or a collapsed lung even when properly wearing a seatbelt. Internal bleeding and injuries to your organs are also possible when taking a blow to the chest, and receiving medical attention immediately is a top priority.

Injuring and/or breaking an arm or leg is also an unfortunate possibility of an accident. Whether colliding with the door or having your knees hit the dashboard this is something that can easily be caused by a vehicle’s impact.

Penetrating Injuries

Penetrating injuries are those injuries caused by shattered glass or loose objects flying around your vehicle that may cause cuts and scrapes. From a single Band-Aid to multiple stitches there are varying levels of damage that can occur depending on the objects you have in your car.

Emotional Distress

A particularly serious car crash can take a considerable toll on your mental health as well. It is very typical for those involved or who have even just witnessed an accident to need a psychological evaluation to help determine the severity of post-traumatic stress disorders one may suffer from such a significant event.

It is important to note that whether it is an emotional injury or a physical injury you may have symptoms that do not appear right away, and in fact, it can be months before you are aware of the effects of an accident. This is why it is best to get attention to an injury as soon as possible regardless of when you realize you may have one.

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