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What Is Distracted Driving And Why Is It So Dangerous?

What Is Distracted Driving And Why Is It So Dangerous?

“Distracted driving” seems to be one of the newest terms that focus on driving and accidents. Anyone driving while distracted may be at risk of becoming involved in a potentially serious accident.

While teenagers may be blamed more for distracted driving, the truth is that drivers of all ages may try to multitask while they are behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving, Defined

Any activity that takes a driver’s attention and eyes away from driving may be termed “distracted driving.” Attempting to multitask while driving somewhere may cause the driver to be involved in an accident. An accident may be a one-vehicle accident or it may involve drivers and passengers from multiple vehicles.

In the past several years, electronic devices have become a part of peoples’ lives. Aside from scheduling appointments and catching up with family, people may try to carry on a phone conversation or text someone as they are driving.

Activities That May Fall Under The Distracted Driving Label

Eating a hamburger just ordered from the drive-through lane may distract a driver. Applying mascara before an important job interview may distract the driver. Reading an article that has been taken out of the newspaper may distract that driver. Drivers who are taking a pet to the vet may also find their attention is distracted when they try to comfort the crying animal.

It only takes a few seconds for a distracted driver to drift out of their lane and into an oncoming car. This may lead to serious injuries or death for anyone involved in the accident.

Consequences Of Distracted Driving

Many states have laws against distracted driving. Their laws provide general guidelines on what may be called distracted driving.

Other states have codified bans on specific activities which may distract drivers. These range from low-tech to high-tech activities. Learning what distracted driving is may protect you and your loved ones.