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What Questions Should I Ask A Car Accident Lawyer?

What Questions Should I Ask A Car Accident Lawyer?

car accident is often a delicate matter. The injured victim wants a car accident lawyer with the skill, experience, and sensitivity to effectively handle the case.

Before your first meeting with a prospective car accident lawyer, prepare questions for the face-to-face encounter, such as:

  • What is your experience in handling car accident cases in the greater Birmingham area or throughout the state of Alabama?

The attorney should have experience in handling personal injury claims, including car accidents in Alabama. If you’re meeting with a new personal injury attorney with few cases under his or her belt, or an attorney with little or no trial experience, you should keep searching for a car accident lawyer.

  • Have you represented a car accident case like mine in the past?

Each car accident case is unique, but some are particularly complex. For instance, if you were seriously injured in a car accident or a loved one died as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident, you need a car accident lawyer with experience in handling significant claims. Ask the car accident attorney about the number of similar cases she’s managed and what the case outcomes were.

Your potential claim requires a seasoned legal professional’s expertise, and you have every right to know the car accident attorney’s experience level. In addition, it’s important to know that the car accident lawyer works at a personal injury law firm who’s represented clients in an array of personal injury matters. If you engage the personal injury law firm, you want to know that the car accident lawyers will get you the financial compensation you’re due.

  • Will you handle my case? Will a junior associate or paralegal be my point of contact throughout the case? Are you accessible to me during the case?

You need to know that the personal injury lawyer you hire will handle your case. It’s fine for the car accident lawyer to work with colleagues. Perhaps paralegals or associates of the firm will assist with the collection of documents or legal research needed to prepare the case. However, your case shouldn’t be passed on to an attorney with less experience.

Ask the attorney about her policy regarding communications during the case. Will you receive case updates? How frequently will you receive communications? Will it be easy to get her on the phone if you have questions? In short, you want to know that the car accident attorney you hire will remain accessible throughout the case.

  • What fees do I owe your firm if we agree to work together?

Legal fees are an important consideration for most people. You should know what your car accident lawyer will charge. That’s a given. You want a car accident law firm that wants to make its legal services accessible to each client.

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