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What Should You Do If A Dog Attacks?

What Should You Do If A Dog Attacks?

Getting attacked by a dangerous dog is frightening and it tends to happen quickly. You just have to react, and you don’t have that much time to think about it.

For this reason, it’s often wise to consider what you should do in advance. This way, if the event does occur, you know exactly what steps to take.

Reduce The Energy Level

First off, try to keep energy levels low. Don’t scream. Don’t run. Don’t do anything that escalates the situation. The more you can do to calm the dog down, the better the chances that you will not be bitten. This means staying quiet and controlled, even when you feel afraid.

Reduce The Chances Of A Bite

You may also want to lower the odds of getting bitten by turning sideways (which creates a slimmer profile) and by keeping your hands in close to your body. If you’re carrying something, you may also “feed” that item to the dog. The dog will bite the jacket or the purse instead of you.

Increase Your Distance

While it’s true that you don’t want to run away from a dog, which just causes the dog to chase you, you do want to increase the distance between the two of you. Once the dog begins to calm down, slowly start backing away. Many dogs will leave you alone once you get out of their territory.

Of course, doing all of this can still result in dog bite injuries and they are certainly not your fault. Be sure you know how to seek compensation from the dog‘s owner.