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What You Should Do If Involved In A Leased Car Accident

What You Should Do If Involved In A Leased Car Accident

When you need a new car you might not have the finances to make the purchase. Because of this, you will have to lease the vehicle from the dealer. More and more people are leasing vehicles instead of buying them so they can switch cars every couple of years without paying off the loan each time. Regardless of the method that you took to get a vehicle, finding yourself in a car accident is a stressful event, which is only exacerbated when it involves a leased car. Speak to a car accident lawyer at Salter Ferguson, LLC now for more information about steps to take after a leased car crash.

What To Do At The Scene

While at the scene of the accident, you need to protect yourself and everyone else in your car. If you can, move the vehicle to a safe spot on the side of the road or into a parking lot. If the vehicle cannot be moved because of damage, you should safely exit the vehicle and get to a safe place while you wait for emergency services to arrive.

Make a point to call 911. Don’t assume anyone else involved or who witnessed the accident will make the call. If someone is injured make sure you request Emergency Medical Services (EMS) or the fire department. Also, request that the police are dispatched. Some jurisdictions don’t dispatch police to car accidents. You want them on the scene to document the accident and create a report. Don’t forget to exchange information with the other drivers involved. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers and auto insurance info. Be sure to take photos of the vehicles involved and any injuries to you or your passengers.

Reporting The Accident

The next step in this lengthy process is to report the accident that involved your leased vehicle. You will be required to have insurance for the vehicle when signing a lease. Check the lease document to find out where you should report the accident. The report will have to be made either to the car dealership or to the leasing agency that wrote your lease. You must also immediately report the accident to your insurance company.

Once you have reported the accident to all of the proper outlets, an adjuster will be sent to inspect the damage to the vehicle. The adjuster will either go to where the vehicle is being kept or instruct you to visit a body shop of the insurance company’s choosing, depending on the severity of the damage to the car.

Filing A Claim

You can file a claim for the damage to the vehicle if the other driver was at-fault. This process is exactly like the one you’d use when filing a claim for a car that you own. To file a claim you will follow all of the steps outlined in this post and also contact the insurance company for the other driver, notifying them of the car accident. You also have the option of getting the repairs done to the car using the collision coverage you have on your auto insurance policy. Most leasing agencies require you carry some form of collision coverage on the policy so you are inclined to get the vehicle repaired if involved in an accident.

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Getting into a car accident is scary enough, let alone when the confusion sets in on how to properly file a claim when that accident occurred in a leased vehicle. The dedicated team at Salter Ferguson are here to help you along this journey. Contact their Birmingham, Alabama office today to schedule a consultation.

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