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Why Do Women Change Their Minds About The Mirena Iud?

Why Do Women Change Their Minds About The Mirena Iud?

When your doctor first suggests it or you read about it online, the Mirena IUD sounds like the perfect form of birth control. It is almost completely effective as a form of birth control for up to six years after placement by a professional.

The way it works is twofold. It causes a mild irritation to the interior of your uterus, which typically prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg. Additionally, it releases low doses of hormones that also help prevent pregnancy. In fact, those hormones can lead to doctors recommending it to treat women with painful or heavy menstruation, as it can be effective for that for up to five years.

Although you have to see a medical professional to have it inserted, there’s no prescription to fill, pills to take or patches to scratch off of your skin. Unfortunately, a small but significant number of women who use the Mirena IUD for birth control decide to have it taken out early because it isn’t always as great as it sounds on paper.

Women can experience horrific side effects from the Mirena IUD

One of the most commonly reported side effects of Mirena is total absence of periods. About one in five women who use this system for birth control will discover that their menstrual cycle completely stops. Many others report a lighter and less painful cycles.

Unfortunately, some women have the exact opposite effect. They start experiencing longer, healthier or more painful menstrual cycles. Some of them also experience sporadic spotting when not on their cycle. Some women also report that they have stomach issues like nausea and cramping, while others experienced mood swings, depression or anxiety.

Still others could develop ovarian cysts, which is a relatively common side effect that impacts roughly 12% of users. Other women may have the Mirena fall out or even experience a tear or perforation of the uterus. In some women, an infection could occur, while others develop ectopic pregnancies that threaten their lives.

Many women don’t realize the risks before getting an IUD

Medical professionals and the literature about IUDs tend to downplay the risks of side effects and how significantly they can affect someone’s quality of life and health. If you have suffered through terrible side effects because of a Mirena IUD, you may be in a position to take legal action.