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Why Is Night Driving More Dangerous?

Why Is Night Driving More Dangerous?

Almost everyone has to drive at night at some point, and the odds of getting in an accident are higher. Night driving is considered to be a more dangerous type of driving. If you can avoid it and you can only drive when the sun is out, that’s one of the simplest ways to make yourself a bit safer, but there may be nothing you can do.

But why is it that night driving has this reputation as such a dangerous activity? There are numerous different factors that all work together to increase the odds of a car accident.

Fatigue May Set In

First of all, drivers may be more fatigued at night. Even drivers who napped during the day and tried to stay awake cannot avoid the fact that the darkness naturally makes your body feel more tired. When you combine this darkness with the boredom of a long drive and the drone of the tires on the pavement, it’s easy for drivers to nod off and cause a crash.

Some Drivers May Be Intoxicated

Certainly, you can find intoxicated drivers at any hour of the day, but there are statistically just more of them at night. During the day, people are often at work or at school. At night, they choose to relax with a drink and spend time with friends or family members. When there are more drunk drivers out after dark, your odds of being struck by one are higher.

The Darkness Reduces Visibility

Even the best headlights in the world are not going to give you the same level of visibility you have during the day. It’s harder for other drivers to see you and it’s harder for you to see the road. Plenty of accidents are caused by simple oversights and mistakes when drivers don’t see street signs, pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles, animals and all sorts of hazards.

What Do You Do If You Get Seriously Injured?

As noted above, there’s often nothing you can do to avoid driving at night. It’s simply a part of life. If you get involved in an accident that leaves you with serious injuries, then you need to take the time to look into all of your legal options to seek compensation from the driver who was responsible.