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Injuries Caused By Pharmaceuticals

Injuries Caused By Pharmaceuticals

Product liability claims are complex, and product liability claims involving pharmaceutical drugs have a number of special aspects requiring consideration. There are three main types of product liability claims involving pharmaceuticals. These dangerous drugs claims can involve (1) drugs that are defective, (2) drugs that have negative side effects, and (3) drugs that have been marketed incorrectly.

Defective Drug Injuries

Pharmaceuticals that have been defectively manufactured have usually encountered a mistake at some point between the factory and the store you purchased the prescription drugs from. These types of claims might consist of labeling errors, bottling problems, shipping issues, or a problem in the manufacturing facility where the drug was made.

Prescription Drugs With Negative Side Effects

Drugs that cause undesirable side effects may be a new product, or they could be a product that has been on the market for years before the side effect was discovered. If the injured party can prove that the manufacturer was aware of safety or health issues and didn’t disclose them, then the amount of money awarded in a mass torts lawsuit will likely increase.

Prescription Drugs That Were Marketed Incorrectly

The final category of these cases typically involves a situation where the drug was improperly marketed in the form of incomplete or inaccurate warnings, misleading instructions, or wrong recommendations.

These types of claims are sometimes combined, and determining who the potential defendants are in your case can be just as complex. Defendants could include several different parties in the chain of distribution of the pharmaceutical, like the doctor who prescribed it to you, the pharmacy that distributed the drug, the testing laboratory that tested the drug, the pharmaceutical manufacturer, or the hospital that administered the drug.

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